Sailfish - Canvas Print

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The sailfish is named for its sail-like dorsal fin.  It is considered the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching top speeds of 70 mph. This species is a highly sought-after game fish, with the largest ever caught measuring over 11 feet and weighing in over 220 pounds.  It's easily recognized by its long upper jaw, which it uses as a spear to strike and stun larger prey.  They are also considered top predators in the open ocean.

These “Fine Art Reproductions” are printed directly onto premium museum quality art canvas.  Available either rolled and ready for framing or framed (gallery wrap).  Canvas gallery wraps are canvas wrapped around an artist's stretcher frame and are ready to hang upon delivery. 

Image copyright Thomas Krause Designs.

Available Print Sizes:

  • 27"w x 13"h
  • 42"w x 20"h